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The Atari 5200 Podcast

Feb 6, 2017

Hello Again, Intrepid Listeners!

As promised, our Episode 3.5 to make up for lost time. Or the time we ran out of on the first run. In this episode, we have Capt. Bob giving his mea culpa to the listeners and doing what he should have in the first place, describing the golden age classic, Missile Command. David covers the very worthy homebrew, Pac-Man Arcade. And David, Bob, and Glen get left in the eBay bidding dust by three very determined bidders for a new in the box, never touched, Atari 5200 Supersystem. 

All this, and a bit more, on The Atari 5200 Podacst!

over seven years ago

I'm excited that you now you now have a game by game podcast! I had one as a child in 1984, and played the hell out of Mario Bros and Popeye! I didn't think much about the bad controller as a child. I was just glad I had the system. I do remember Having to use a butter knife to get Start to work though. Sadly they quickly discontinued the games not long after and we played what we had unless we were lucky to find a game still in stock. Then in 1987 we got the NES and it was then quickly forgotten. Looking back I wished I'd taken care of it and kept it but you know how it is for a kid to move on. Anyway thank you so much and hope to find the show on stitcher soon!