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The podcast exploring the games and the history of one of Atari's most ambitious home gaming platforms, The Atari 5200 Supersystem.
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Dec 1, 2020

In this episode of the Atari 5200 Podacst, the gang is back and we drag in Michael from The Atari XEGS Game by Game Podcast as a special cohost. This time, our theme is helicopter games. So we cover the games, Choplifter!, Super Cobra, and our first homebrew review of Scramble.

Of course, the usual jackassery that ensues on every episode is included as part of a nutritional podcast diet. And believe it or not, not only did we get feedback we actually respond to it as well!

Magic! Mayhem! And Pete almost gets our AARP cards yanked.

It’s all here in this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Jul 2, 2020

In this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast...

That’s right! Another episode within a year! So stop clutching your pearls and tune in for another two hours with the lunatic fringe of retro gaming.

Capt. Bob talks about building a fence and doing his Eric Cartman from “South Park” impersonation. Pete has a water tank go out on him and floods his storage room. Steve continues to do great things while Glen takes a well deserved break. And David gives us the much anticipated update that every 5200 enthusiast has been waiting for.

Oh Yeah! We review Parker Brothers Frogger and Gyruss. Along with a quick history of Parker Brothers itself.


Construction! Water Damage! A mediocre impersonation of a copyrighted character!

It’s all here, on The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Apr 27, 2020

In this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast:

Steve continues his never ending quest to burn down his house finding new ways to make new controllers work with old systems. Glen takes off his Essential Worker Supersuit and and checks in with his latest stuff. David brings the latest from the Atariverse. Pete has the latest from his home studio. And Capt. Bob checks in from deep in the heart of the Atari Force Strategic Command Facility (His Basement) to contribute almost absolutely nothing.

And since we have nothing else to do during a global pandemic lockdown, we finally, after long last, get to our viewer feedback and determine who is the big winner! Also, we prepare for our next review episode Parker Brothers Frogger and Gyruss.

Is this “Love in the Time of Cholera?” Nope, it’s Love in the Time of COVID-19! And you have nothing else better to do than listen to our Spring Podcast Update and Contest Giveaway, here, on The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Jan 12, 2020

On this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast...

Fatigue from the holidays and cold and flu season can’t stop the crew of this podcast! But it came pretty close.  This episode we cover the two games that were created by Lucasfilm Games, Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus. Steve and Capt. Bob compare sniffles, Pete’s inner game geek is let loose upon the world, Glen is off doing other amazing stuff, and David tests out his new recording equipment. Which is why about 10 minutes into the episode he mysteriously disappears.

Which strangely works out. Because these are two games that we can talk about all day, but they must be played and experienced to be truly appreciated. And for the first time, Show Notes! Follow the links below to learn more about Lucasfilm Games.

Fueled on nothing but enthusiasm, holiday burnout, and NyQuil, is this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast!

And the article that was the most help:

And here’s the story from someone who was there!

Nov 2, 2019

In this episode of the Atari 5200 Podcast...

Glen continues his relentless march to total domination of the Arcade 1UP world with a hardware update, Steve makes progress hotwiring non-native controllers to work on the 5200, David talks about his controller addiction problem, and Capt. Bob and Pete let loose a shameful and forbidden desire! (Intellivision?!?!?!)

SCANDAL! SHAME! SECRETS! (And the fact that we wanted to cover the PRGE without taking away from our Ballblazer/Fractalus episode.)

All this and MORE, on The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Sep 3, 2019

In this very special episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast...

David hones his newly found telekinetic ability. Steve perfects the cybernetic interlink. Glen continues to grow his empire (This is actually not too far from the truth). Pete Hunts down the legendary treasure of Quintana Roo. And Bob saves the entire crew from a sinking battleship!

Actually, we have the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Witmer of Average Software of his current and past works of “Ratcatcher” and “RealSports Curling” and a sneak peak of his upcoming project!

Danger! Mystery! Intrigue! It’s all here, on The Atari 5200 Podcast!!!

Mar 12, 2019

On this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast...

The guys talk about all sorts of stuff! David commits random acts of kindness with his co-hosts. Capt. Bob complains like an old man about winter weather. Glen talks about the insane success of the 1UP Arcade YouTube channel. Steve and Pete hookup in real life for gamer hijinx. Oh yeah, and we talk about and rate Star Wars The Arcade Game and Star Wars Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle.


BROMANCE (?!?!?!?)

It’s all here, on The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Dec 1, 2018

After months of grueling schedules and being responsible adults, David, Bob, Pete, Glen, and Steve, finally get together and talk about RealSports Tennis and Baseball. Two sports games that started to push the boundaries of what was possible and use the capabilities of the 5200.

Match! Set! Ball! Strike! It finally comes together on The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Jun 25, 2018

After six months of job responsibilities, family stuff, two colds, other stuff, etc, etc... Your hosts finally get together for a not so quick update of what’s been going on in their lives, the 5200 community, and chat about the ongoing mystery that is the Ataribox/Atari VCS.

Danger! Excitement! eBay! The Common Cold! It’s all here on our update episode!

Dec 29, 2017

Happy Holidays!!! Or as we like to say, “Good Times!”

In this our Holiday Minisode. With all of us working and being with family this holiday season, we wanted to reach out and give the fans something before we finish our Sportsapaloza episodes. So, we decided to give an update on what is going on with us and what is going on within the 5200 Community. Also, we let MetalJesusRocks what we think of his latest YouTube episode.

Action! Adventure! Justice! REVENGE!!!

All here. On The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Oct 4, 2017

Hello to our Atari 5200 enthusiasts and friends!

Today on the Atari 5200 Podcast: Bob, David, and Glen finally get together in the clubhouse to get this episode done. And because the locks on the clubhouse door are a bit sketchy, Steve Averitt wanders back in with his latest contributions to the hobby.

And because we needed to give these games the due that they deserve we have our very special guest, Detroit Sports Radio personally, Peter Spivak, on the show!!! Peter fills in the love where we fall short.

Fun! Drama! Sports! All in this very special episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast!

Oct 2, 2017

Hello, Everyone!

Episode 5 unexpectedly turned out to be one of our biggest episodes yet. So to make it easier on everyone, we decided to split up the episode into two parts. You can think of this as Episode 5A, Feedback and our Contest Winner announcement! 

Thanks for listening and the Sportsapalooza with our amazing special guest host is coming soon! Enjoy!

Apr 12, 2017

In this episode of the Atari 5200 Podcast...

The crew covers the game that changed the computer and gaming world, STAR RAIDERS!

David's meticulous notes pay off by giving more detail than you ever needed to know about a single game. Glen keeps the show on track. And Bob waxes poetically about how he wasted his teenage years and how he got lucky only by picking a career that uses video game skills. And since it's always good to get a second set of prints at a crime scene, we drag the ever-amazing Bill Kendrick of Atari Party fame and other retro endeavors into being a guest host to talk about this amazing game.

Memories, Allergies, Technical Difficulties, and more! On this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast!!!

Feb 6, 2017

Hello Again, Intrepid Listeners!

As promised, our Episode 3.5 to make up for lost time. Or the time we ran out of on the first run. In this episode, we have Capt. Bob giving his mea culpa to the listeners and doing what he should have in the first place, describing the golden age classic, Missile Command. David covers the very worthy homebrew, Pac-Man Arcade. And David, Bob, and Glen get left in the eBay bidding dust by three very determined bidders for a new in the box, never touched, Atari 5200 Supersystem. 

All this, and a bit more, on The Atari 5200 Podacst!

Jan 25, 2017

On this episode, we introduce our third host and hardware guru, Glen Planamento. A previous guest and friend of the show, Steve Averitt swings by to talk about trak-ball controllers. We cover the seminal games, Missile Command and Pac-Man. And we debunk the haters that give the 5200 a bad rap. All this and more from your hosts Capt. Bob, David, and Glen.

Nov 24, 2016

Hello to all of our listeners! Today, we give to you Episode 2. On this episode we will be talking about Atari's Countermeasure and CBS Electronics Wizard of Wor. We also fill all of you in on how busy we've been and why it has taken so long to get this episode out and we thank all of you for your patience. Nonetheless, thanks for hanging in there with us. Also, we have a guest host, Glen Planamento, of Glen's Retro Show on YouTube. We did have some audio difficulties that we're working through so hopefully those will be ironed out on the next episode.

Enjoy, Everyone!

Sep 20, 2016

Hello, Everyone!

Thank you for hanging in there with me. And for your troubles, here is (finally) our first episode! I want to thank Wiile and Ar-Kay for the experience and the trust to do this podcast justice and David Protestari for being my co-host and teaching the finer points on how to be a host.

It's going to be a crazy ride and hopefully you the fans will come with David and I as we go down the road. We hope you will be entertained and learn something along the way. And with that... IT BEGINS!