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The Atari 5200 Podcast

Jan 12, 2020

On this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast...

Fatigue from the holidays and cold and flu season can’t stop the crew of this podcast! But it came pretty close.  This episode we cover the two games that were created by Lucasfilm Games, Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus. Steve and Capt. Bob compare sniffles, Pete’s inner game geek is let loose upon the world, Glen is off doing other amazing stuff, and David tests out his new recording equipment. Which is why about 10 minutes into the episode he mysteriously disappears.

Which strangely works out. Because these are two games that we can talk about all day, but they must be played and experienced to be truly appreciated. And for the first time, Show Notes! Follow the links below to learn more about Lucasfilm Games.

Fueled on nothing but enthusiasm, holiday burnout, and NyQuil, is this episode of The Atari 5200 Podcast!

And the article that was the most help:

And here’s the story from someone who was there!